March 23 update.

Today Gold moved nicely to the downside, printing beautiful red candle. AUDCAD is still ranging, getting ready for a break.


Day Six.Tuning in EA on currency account.

Today markets were pretty calm. Most open positions on Gold were closed by stop with profit. Positions fully hedged now, pending where Gold decide to move next. Also, adjusted EA for currency account to get it working harder on small moves and start taking small profits regularly if we stay in this tight range for some time.

Opening another account – AUDCAD

In this video I have opened one more account to trade currency pair AUDCAD on MetaTrader 4 platform. I’ve picked this particular pair as both are commodity currencies and do range and overlap a lot on all timeframes.

We will be utilizing more advanced version of the code specifically written for MT4, that can be used for many different brokers that offer accounts on MT4 platform. This code is quite flexible and can be adjusted according to market conditions and instrument that is traded. As I record more videos I will be showing EA code in action and explaining its algorithm.

You can access new account with Investor (read only) credentials to see trades in real time.

Username: 2670908 Password: ll3mvgi

Day Two: First Gold account review on market re-open after weekend

Today we have restarted TradeStation account and Automated strategy after weekend market close. First day showed equity gain over 1%. Added new orders, some profitable open positions were automatically protected. One position was closed on profit last week.

If you would like to access account to see trades in real time you can login with investor (read only) account.

Username: 2667546  Password: rgy4vrg