About this project

I was introduced to currently trading by my friend several years ago. Since that time I’ve learned quite a bit about technical analysis, fundamental forces that moving markets globally, finance overall and, of course, human psychology that plays significant role on all markets.

Like many novice traders, I was looking for magic strategies,  “get rich fast” schemes and all kinds of expert advice. Eventually I realized that no expert in the world knows the market and that perfect trading robots simply don’t exist. I spent years learning about classic strategies like “turtle trading”, newer high frequency trading robots, probabilities, etc. Then I’ve decided to create my own strategy, tested and back-tested it, coded it to have computers to do routine work and finally decided to present it to the public.

As part of this project, I’m going to create few demo accounts to demonstrate my approach to the market in action and build track record on-line. In my regular videos I will also share ideas not directly connected to Forex trading but of general interest to investors. Will be focusing on Canadian market, talking about tools like RRSP and TFSA, what brokers support registered accounts and how to use them. There will be coverage of stock market, some ideas and strategies that I use to trade stocks, introduction into options and many more. I will also share my experience about investment in real estate and associated taxation.

Please note that I’m not a registered financial adviser, everything presented on this blog is subjective opinion. My goal is to assist new traders and investors in learning new tools, present ideas for discussion and gather community of people interested in finance.


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